The Evergreen Carpet

In the last week or so the red carpet has been rolled out for the Oscars and the Baftas, to name but a couple of events.

Not sure what all the fuss is about given that up at Garryduff Wood, just outside of Cork City, Β there lies a rich green carpet that lies in wait all year round. This carpet is so rich and precious that to avoid being tread upon it lies atop an old stone wall, winding its way through the forest.

A Carpet of moss lines the top of an old wall.
Mossy Path

Not even a celebrity (other than The Hound) may tread down upon its rich threads.

Enjoy the week, we just woke up to traces of snow – just as we thought we were leaving winter behind….πŸ€


34 thoughts on “The Evergreen Carpet

    1. It is atop a stone wall in the forest. The temperate wet climate is ideal for moss and we have lots of it in Ireland. The closest I have been to Singapore is Borneo, which was pretty damp and humid. Lovely people. MM πŸ€


      1. Only been to Edinburg and London and I guess back then I was younger and not so taken with nature and beauty. I have friends who stayed in Ireland for some time and they say people there are v friendly.

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    1. Cheers Martin, my biggest problem was The Hound who kept jumping up into the middle of the shot to get my attention. The snow has gone already, but did get a quick image of a seat – yet to download mind as I seek to complete another course assessment. Enjoy your week, John


  1. So pretty, and enticing…makes me want to tiptoe under the boughs of the tree to take a peek at the little folk who must surely gather to dance amongst the flowers in the clearing at the end! You are surrounded by such natural beauty MM…thank you for sharing it (and that thank you is probably more heartfelt than you realise!)

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