Twisted Limbs

As I drove away from the rainbow and ventured inland, I was suddenly taken aback by the trees overhead. The lane was covered with a tangled covering of branches as they searched out the path to the best light.

I almost felt as if I was looking down into a reflection on water. It almost didn’t seem real. Alas, the light was rather flat, but I thought I would try and capture the entanglement anyway:

Trees with twisted boughs in a North Cork land
Twisted Limbs


It some ways it reminded me of the ‘dark hedges‘ in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Ulster.

14 thoughts on “Twisted Limbs

  1. I like your reference to ‘reflection on water’ that is exactly what I thought of on seeing it first, John. It is amazing what we see when out there in the field.

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    1. Again this is an image that I saw in my own mind and was fascinated by it – I thought I was looking into water. I don’t think it is an image for “the masses” and it won’t be popular but I am glad it connected with at least one other soul out there. Enjoy your weekend Lady Lee, πŸ˜‰πŸ€


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