Rainbows over East Cork

East Cork Pot of Gold

While travelling north from Midleton, the rain came down in thick heavy drops under a leaden sky. My how things can change quickly. On went the brakes as I slid into a farmer’s gateway in order to capture the exact location of that pot of gold.

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I just couldn’t choose a single image from the 4 so decided to use a slideshow with all of them. Needless to say I had to use a polariser to get the rainbow this bright, but it was an eyeful.

31 thoughts on “East Cork Pot of Gold

  1. Gorgeous! Ahhh… so THAT’S what I need to do. Sigh… there are so many “toys” out there to make our art beautiful, aren’t there? Another one to add to my list!

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  2. Magical eyeful and I learnt something too. I have never thought to put on the polarising filter for a rainbow and have been quite disappointed in the shots I got, duh! Some are a bit slower than others πŸ™‚ but I’ll get there. Pity I didn’t know about it 2 weeks ago, ah well.

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    1. Taking an image of a rainbow without a polarising filter always makes me go “why did I bother?”. It really does just look “duh” compared to what the naked eye sees. Of course once the polariser is on, moving from a portrait to a landscape shot requires a bit of turning too. The great thing about these blogs is that we can all learn from each other – your handy hints have been most welcome on here 😎


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