At Home in the Woods

It has been a while since the Hound has featured, so I thought that it was high time that his portrait should brighten up the site. I make no apologies for a bit of self indulgence here.

Portrait of a beautiful Hound dog in the woods
Handsome Hound

Unfortunately since the taking of this shot he has had the misfortune to take some skin off a paw and is rather less appealing whilst wearing his transparent ‘lampshade’. Still, there’s no holding back this character for too long.

38 thoughts on “At Home in the Woods

  1. Lampshade or no lampshade, he’s still a beautiful boy, just like my Handsome Husband, who (thankfully, rather than a lampshade) is wearing a big bandage on his paw today after taking a large chunk out of the pad of *his* paw on pavement yesterday. Glad both of our boys made it through and are as adventuresome as ever!

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    1. Well Martin, the dogs is handsome, has a great personality, is loyal, a real charmer……could not be more like his owner if he tried.

      I could also mention that he is a rogue, mischievous and doesn’t know when to be quiet but that would kind of spoil my response. Hope all is good with you – looking forward to the hotly talked about World Cup in your neck of the woods? πŸ€


      1. “Hotly” being the appropriate word!! Why, why, why? but then I think we all know the answer to that one.

        Before 2022 we have 2015 and we should be talking about the cricket of course. Great performances by Ireland, although they were a little fortunate yesterday; come on UAE:).

        Stunning photo by the way. Looks like you’ve found your niche:)

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      2. Cricket coverage is pretty poor over here so not been following it much. So what would happen if UAE played England? Who would you support? Have a good day, back to the study books for myself – the web design part of the course.


  2. He has the kindest eyes! I was thinking: Oh good, he is healed, then I read the second paragraph…
    I love how he matches, yet stands out of the background… Lovely photo indeed. And please, indulge away!

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    1. He is such a gentle dog, albeit a bit of a rogue too – but that ensures character and one or two scrapes. He could not be more loving that is for sure and his biggest problem is wanting to say hello to (almost) everyone………πŸ€

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