The dial reads ‘000’, the cogs have long since stopped turning. More and more cars line the roads, queuing to enter cities and commercial estates. The drive of modern development is relentless.

While the thirst for fuel knows no bounds, many places are simply left behind and the decline is only too real.

That’s modernity for you.



22 thoughts on “000

      1. Not too far off, I think it’s Lisgoold North not far from Ballincurrig – basically between Fermoy and Midleton. Is that your stomping ground of old? MM 🍀


  1. The moody sky fits with the sadness of abandonment…
    We have a “ghost village” in Quebec that was abandoned when a mill was closed. It is now open to tourists but walking through it is eerie. Everyone just picked up and left!

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    1. totally, without the brooding skies I would not have got the image that I sought. As it is the sky may even be a bit too bright….Of course in the West of Ireland there are plenty of ghost villages, but little remains but a few crumbling buildings.

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  2. Super leaded… hmmm…
    I don’t think there are any super leaded petrol any more. Are there?
    Sad, nostalgic pictures. But still, in an odd way, beautiful. Maybe because it is nostalgic and one can imagine how it once were?


    1. I agree, though they can provide excellent opportunities for photographers. Near here there was a slate roof in all sorts of disrepair that I have my eye on for capturing another time – weather was so bad, wet and windy that I had to give up….

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