Results of 2014 Photo Poll

Just realised that I hadn’t provided you with the results of the 2014 poll. So let me put that right straight away as well as thanking all those that took the time and trouble to vote, greatly appreciated.

Overall there was a tremendous spread among the voting which either means you loved them all or there was no stand out.

Well here is the winner, capturing 13% of the vote:

Sligo Fog Tree
Sligo Fog Tree

Next with 12% of the vote was ‘Holy Trinity’:

Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity

And in third place, just a percent behind, was Faded Colours:

Faded Colours
Faded Colours

As for my own selection, my favourite image was the brooding ‘Church and Library’ photograph shot in Iceland; didn’t even make it to the podium!

Have a great weekend one and all.

MM πŸ€


17 thoughts on “Results of 2014 Photo Poll

    1. I have a snow series coming out next week and absolutely love one image, but do not know if this will be as well liked by the public at large. A poll is a great way if finding thins out….MM πŸ€


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