Celebrating Snow

It lasted all but a single grey morning  in Cork last week, but I will be posting  some of the images I managed to get in that window during the course of the week.

As it happened I was on my way to a job, when I received a call that the shoot would not go ahead due to difficulties people were encountering to get to the venue. So with camera gear in the car and an hour to fill, I just had to get out there and wander in the snowy landscape, camera in hand.

So here is the first shot of the series, one in which I was enraptured by the distinct background combined with the snow laden leaf. Would love to know what you think of this.

Snow laden on leaf
Weighed Down

I trust that you had a good weekend and can enjoy this snowy series as it unfolds during the week.

MM 🍀

19 thoughts on “Celebrating Snow

  1. Love this MM, you are correct backgrounds like this one are so special. There is a moodiness to the image but it is very classy at the same time. I love snow, can’t wait for your week of images…beautiful start!


  2. I think it’s a really cool photo. Stark, with a strong contrast between the snow and stem — and then a strong contrast between foreground and background.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words August McGregor. I got family much what I was looking for and the background is almost as much of a feature as the foreground IMHO and really helps make it. Have a great day, MM 🍀

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