One Four Challenge – December

So we are off again on the four week One Four Challenge hosted by the ever generous Robyn G.

The basis of the challenge is one image and in four weeks produce four different versions of this one image. It is a test of creativity, imagination and pushes each one of us to develop new skills. So why not launch into it as well.

For my image I am using one taken just last week in rolling Northamptonshire in the UK. Hopefully I have left plenty of room for development in the next 3 weeks.

Trees - Week 1
Trees – Week 1

I look forward to seeing all images as they progress, πŸ€

34 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – December

  1. Glad you are doing this challenge too John. I have chosen a landscape for this month also but totally different to yours so I’m very interested to see where you go with it.

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  2. Lovely image, I like the rounded grass tuffs complimenting the rounded trees. Reminds me of a storybook drawing. Looking forward to seeing where you take this image, I am sure I will learn from you!


  3. Thank you John πŸ˜€
    Such a lovely photo and a beautiful place! I love the rich golden greens and the sense of colour graduations in the sky.
    Is this morning or afternoon light? Its beautiful.
    A really welcoming first image for December πŸ˜€


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