One Four Challenge – Week 2 December

Week 2 and I am doing the obvious here – just going for a black and white version of the original and this time only doing a small crop. In the first image I wanted a panoramic and for the focus of the shot to be the tree silhouettes, despite liking the shadows on the grass tufts.

Well, last time out I had a view that more foreground would have improved the shot. So here I am showing that I can listen to the reader and here is the same shot, more foreground but less colour.

Image of trees in silhouette
Week 2 – Black & White

What do you think of it this time round?

Mt first image in this series can be found at December Week1. To find out more on this challenge hosted by Robyn GΒ you can always head to One Four Challenge.


36 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Week 2 December

  1. I like this crop better than your first but think I prefer the color version overall. So, what’s in store next week?


  2. Well, boring is not what I would give as an adjective to this image. It is deep and lovely. I love the crop and added foreground. Those tussocks are amazing. The shapes really strike me, as they did in the original too. A classy process.


  3. Love the texture in the tussocks in this B&W version but it is the trees themselves that are the stars on the skyline. I love how they really stand out as individual trees now.


  4. I definitely like more foreground here John – it adds a feeling of movement to the countryside with the lovely lines.
    The BW really works here too – makes me feel like its night time with a very bright moon. Nicely done!


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