A Sting in the Shadows

Climbing over a stile I could not help but notice this nettle hiding in the corner of the fence railings and the post. Ready to pounce on the unsuspecting hand, seeking the post for support.

If it wasn’t for the shadow I could well have been the next victim. Unfortunately I did not have the SLR on me, but here is the warning shadow together with ย nettle.

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Have a great week everyone.

10 thoughts on “A Sting in the Shadows

      1. No kidding! The only reason I ever heard of it is we have this crazy Canuck chef, Bob Blumer, who goes out to find these crazy food challenges to participate in… he’s nuts (show is called Glutton For Punishment!)
        And yes, I did, thanks. Cooked up a storm for some friends, making my very first Yorkshire Puddings (successfully, I might add !) I trust you did as well?


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