Rebecca and Brendan

Rebecca and Brendan fly back to Toronto today as Mr & Mrs O’Brien following their wedding at Trudder lodge in County Wicklow on Saturday.

What a great day, with a beaming bride and groom taking centre stage in a wonderfully intimate setting that made it all so personable and very much ‘real’. The place itself seems to be a bit of a hidden gem; not a hotel itself but rather a grand house that can be hired out. As soon as we arrived we knew we were going to love it – big open fireplaces, floor to ceiling mirrors and just full of that olde world charm. Gorgeous.

The weather, as has been the case this summer, was kind enough to allow the ceremony to take place in the walled garden – what a setting and not a puff of wind.

So Rebecca and Brendan, many thanks for allowing us to be part of your day and celebrate a wonderful event of happiness. As for Trudder Lodge, I loved the particular version of windows they used for the seating plan – I think it is something like Windows Version 1835 and it ran smoothly all day with no re-boot required:

Windows - Version 1835
Windows – Version 1835

So hope you all have a great week and, in particular, Rebecca and Brendan as they start their married life. πŸ‘°πŸŽ©

11 thoughts on “Rebecca and Brendan

  1. Mick I am currently helping daughter no one search for an unusual wedding venue so I thought of your site, am trawling it to find a reference to your header photo as I seem to remember you mentioned it as a venue during one post or was I dreaming?


    1. The header photo features Loch Tay, Scotland and was taken on our honeymoon – We got married in Ardanaiseig which was sublime (again in Scotland) for a small wedding.

      This last wedding was in Trudder Lodge – not a hotel – and the ceremony took place within the walled garden. Fabulous setting and great for a small wedding again.

      Just shout if you have more queries…

      John / MM πŸ€


  2. Hi John and Katrina, thank you both so much for coming all the way from Cork – it meant a lot to us to have you there. Love the blog above – and glad you had such a blast! We had a truly perfect day! Rebecca and Brendan xxx


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