Wonders of the Web

In today’s post I include a number of images of webs, the hard work of the industrious spider.

These have been caught in the morning and are still lined with jewel drops of mist.

Having avoided placing images of webs for a long tome, I am truly bursting that bubble now.

18 thoughts on “Wonders of the Web

  1. Great to see some web playing..Web Blue has an electrical catching effect..love it !
    Web on a wand creates a mystical effect ..almost a magic eye is looking back at us ! This is my favourite !


    1. Great to have your feedback Diana. My own favourite is “The Trap is set” and hence it made it into September’s selection. It’s great www don’t all go for the same one.

      Looking forward to THE challenge ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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