Fishing for Flies

I’ve tried to resist taking images of cobwebs on the basis that everybody does it. Well I managed to resist until last weekend on the “otter walk”, when I saw a cobweb within brambles and grasses that captivated me.

Here was the web of a spider acting as a net in mid air to catch passing flies and other prey, while the grass upon which it was attached was doing a distinct impression of a fishing rod, bending with the strain of a catch on the end of the line.

Cobweb and brambles
Fishing for flies

Unfortunately for this spider, all I could see on the web were rows of dewdrops.

22 thoughts on “Fishing for Flies

  1. Why resist when you have such a marvellous specimen? And I love the idea of the web and the fishing rod – as if they were working in tandem…

    Please, do not refrain from “doing what others are doing” – we all have our own vision!

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      1. Not unlike the changes you have made this past year, JRCR, I’m armed with brushes and ready to take on my fear of blank watercolour paper. New photo may not be an improvement but it does instill the adage that “change is good”. So happy to “hear” that life is good on your side!


  2. Can see why this was irresistible- it is amazing both as a photo composition and as an ingenious net – I didn’t see the fishing rod connection until you mentioned it …big Wow on this one!


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