Ballybeg Priory

Each time I go up to see the Sage and plunder the vegetable patch I pass the ruins of Ballybeg Priory, just outside Buttevant.

The ruins are visible from the main Cork – Limerick Road and I have been waiting for better light before stopping to get the camera out. After some more successful looting of the plot, I headed back to Cork towards the end of another fine sunny day.

Here are images from that short stop (included in the images is a capture of the information board which you might find interesting).

Of course the go to man for such ruins in Ireland is Ed Mooney, while I just like to capture anything that rocks my boat.

Have a good week.

MM πŸ€




15 thoughts on “Ballybeg Priory

    1. Oh yes, have been to India on a couple of trips – holiday I am glad to say, as opposed to business. On one trip did Delhi the Himilayan foothills (Nanital), Jaipur and Agra. For my second trip I started off in Chennai and wandered down and over to Kochin in Kerala. Loved it. Great colours and wonderful people. Just being curious (or is that nosy 😏), where are you based Anjali? Have a great week, MM πŸ€


      1. Well then you have seen more of India than I have! lol! Well I am based in London, was born in India – spent childhood in Kenya and youth again in India and now in lovely London! I love to travel as well and am always looking to experience different experiences. ONe of the reasons I love it so much is because – the superficial differences in humanity fall away and one looks at human beings as human beings, having the same joys, sorrows and need for happiness. And not be defined and labelled into boxes and focus on differences. Well that’s my pennyworth of world-view πŸ™‚

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      2. Absolutely agree. I hate all the labels and stuff. Need to see the substance of each person rather than get distracted by which box a person happens to neatly fit into. Lived in Ealing for a while myself and did like that area…..πŸ€

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