August Poll Results

What can I say, another clean sweep for Iceland in last month’s poll with the winner being Ingjaldsholl Church with 16% of the votes cast.

Ingjaldsholl Church (Snaefellsnes Peninsula)
Ingjaldsholl Church (Snaefellsnes Peninsula)

The image taking second spot was taken on the same day, though it is not easy to judge looking at the sky in the two images.

Safe Haven
Safe Haven

Safe Haven claimed 13% of the vote while Sentry Duty claimed the bronze position with 12% of the vote.

Sentry Duty
Sentry Duty

So a clean sweep for Iceland and none of the images I voted for came in the top three. Just shows what I know! My own tastes placed Aisling’s Throne in first place – I just love the story and mystery of the scene, as well as the colours.

Oh well, enjoy your Saturday wherever you may be.


MM ๐Ÿ€


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