A Different Direction

Yesterday I posted shots of  the Holy Trinity and the South Channel of the River Lee, bathed in glorious sunshine. The calmness of the waters, the reflections of blue were just too good not to dig the camera out. If you missed it check out “The Morning After“. Rather than just leave it at that, I strolled on further down the river and now looking at the sun in the East looked to take a picture of the Holy Trinity once more. A completely different picture, all shadow, silhouettes and brightness. This is what I got:

Into the Sun
Into the Sun

In looking at it, I find it incredible that these shots were taken just minutes apart (enough time to simply stroll down the river bank). The feel about the scene is in such contrast to the  images of yesterday’s post. Well I had a play in Lightroom to then produce the final one of the set:

Photoshop Added

A different feel again. Hope you like these and love to hear your own views. Enjoy your weekend, MM 🍀

15 thoughts on “A Different Direction

  1. I love the reflective effect on the water in the first shoot..I felt though, that should you have cropped the photo just above the bridge..it would have more of a mystic effect..and would challenge more the viewer’s perception of the reality..
    ..but then again..your vision when taken could’ve been different ..and is just as beautiful !


    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion, I love receiving other people’s comments, especially when it is constructive criticism. I’ve had a play in Lightroom with this idea and would agree with you. Will post the result in a post tomorrow, thanking you to boot as I do appreciate your excellent input.

      Also tried flipping the image around on the vertical axis and it makes a big difference to me, naturally leading the eye in from the left, the usual directional read (well for westerners anyway).

      Have a great weekend and thank you once more, MM 🍀


      1. I’m so glad you took my comment in that way..it was only a perspective of a humble artist.

        I also agree with you that flipping the photo around vertically creates a better visual balance.. I’m also wondering if you bathe the photo in a subtle violet/blue hue ..what would it look like?!

        I believe nature is a wonderful inspirational ground..but one should apply personal views and inner feeligs in order to complete the creational process…and never be afraid to play with new ideas..!)))

        Can’t wait to see the latest..

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      1. I, for one, always go against that rule..sometimes with astonishing effects..
        ..I agree with Thom also..a good eye and an inquisitive nature ..it’s a great combination !)))


  2. Perfect photos for a Friday night wind down.. Thanks MM, particularly nice reflections and full of sereness (hmm not sure that’s s word). 🙂 you have a great weekend too!


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