Golden Circle Part III – Gullfoss

Gullfoss is where the river Hvita tumbles over a fault line and disappears into a steep sided gorge below.

The views from cliffs above and alongside the precipice are stunning and the roar of water deafening. I have yet to go to Niagra, Victoria and Iguazu but this was pretty impressive to me. It was, though, a bit more touristy than Faxi Waterfall which we covered earlier on the golden Circle Tour.


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Iceland certainly has plenty of stunning scenery to offer and the Golden Circle Tour will tick many boxes as a great tour for those just staying in Iceland (Reykjavik) for a couple of days. My recommendation though, would be to get away from the capital city for a few days and immerse yourself in the real countryside, taking your time to enjoy the offerings.

For those interested, my previous post on the Golden Circle tour covered Geysir.

Have a great weekend everyone, MM πŸ€

13 thoughts on “Golden Circle Part III – Gullfoss

  1. Beautiful Waterfall! Hope you do get to see Niagara some day. I saw it a long time ago and it is gorgeous. There is so much to see that is so pretty in this world, isn’t there? Have a great weekend! It’s a holiday weekend here, Labor Day, end of summer season. not that holiday weekends make much of a difference to us retired folk! lol


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