Golden Circle Part II – Geysir

These days the attraction is more Strokkur than Geysir. Geysir is the original geyser that gave birth to the generic name ‘geyser’, though I cannot tell you when the ‘i’ metamorphosed into an ‘e’.

While Geysir is now largely inactive save for a bit of bubbling, its near neighbour Strokkur blows with great frequency to keep visitors open mouthed. Just when you think it has settled down again, off it blows.

There are not just these two, the area is littered with rising steam and frothing bubbles. As our guide warned us, best to stick to the path.

While Iceland is in general quite expensive, we were astounded to find that such a tourist attraction had free entry.

We undertook this as part of a Golden Circle tour out of Reykjavik, of which this was our second main stop. The first stop, the waterfall at Faxi was featured in Golden Circle Part I.

26 thoughts on “Golden Circle Part II – Geysir

  1. These must have provided for the very first “hot tubs” for our ancestors (the run-off, I imagine, not the actual geysers). Can you imagine the pleasure of submerging yourself in a nice warm pool of water on a nasty rainy or snowy day?

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  2. Iceland is a fantastic place. We went there a few years ago and had a blast!

    The generic name β€˜geyser’ is just the English version of Geysir. (“The English word geyser (a spouting hot spring) derives from Geysir.” – Wikipedia). According to the Oxford Dictionary the word ‘geyser’ originated in the late 18th century.

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      1. There are even a few really old photos of me and my NZ cousins in the hot pools πŸ™‚ If only could afford to go and visit! I have no memories of NZ or Aus, where I was born. My family would love for me to go and stay with them (BIG family) but I always wonder if I’d actually ever go home again πŸ˜‰ Thanks for visiting my blog!


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