Cobh Visitors

Well I added one to the total of visitors to Cobh last Thursday, but given the size of the two ‘boats’ that were in I don’t think I really made much of a difference.

The MSC Magnifica towered over Cobh, the last calling place of HMS Titanic’s ill-fated maiden voyage. In somewhat of a contrast to this sea-faring town lay the Sea Cloud II, a different kind of cruiser altogether with its tall masts providing an elegance the Magnifica could only dream of.

Along the harbour wall, men and boys of all ages were frantically casting lines into the sea as a shimmering sparkle signalled the passing of a mackerel shoal. Those looking for a more relaxed affair sat in the victorian harbour-front gardens, licking their ice creams, gazing out to sea and listening to the impromptu music.

For those unaware of Cobh, it lies within the protection of Cork harbour, County Cork, Ireland. Previously it went under the name of Queenstown.

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