Golden Circle – Part I

If you go to Iceland and do only one tour, it will no doubt be the Golden Circle tour out of Reykjavik.  It does after all take you to the original “geyser”, the founding place of the Icelandic nation at Pingvellir and the pounding waterfall of Gulfoss.

So for my last set of posts from this iconic land I thought I’d show a few more shots from this day (the post Icelandic Horses was taken on this tour).

In Part I, the Faxi waterfall is featured.While it may not be as large as Gulfoss or have the dramatic height of other waterfalls, I found it pretty impressive and the noise was thunderous. How one could sleep at the nearby campsite is a mystery to me.

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The field next to the waterfall also has a large pen where they bring the sheep in the winter off the hillsides. Here they are divided up into the flocks belonging to the different farmers. Another interesting feature.

Once more credit for one of the images above has to go to The Wife.

For those interested, we took the Golden Circle Tour with IG Tours in a minibus with the driver Dooley. Can highly recommend.

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