Refreshing Rain

It’s been a while since we had any real rain, more than a month that’s for sure.

That is now being addressed and soft refreshing rain is reviving the Irish landscape. The greens are looking luscious and vibrant once more.

Another fella pleased to see it’s return is The Hound, the rain meaning cooler temperatures and even more reason to cavort around the place. Yesterday we were in Bantry, West Cork Β so I headed off to Glengarriff Woods to exercise The Hound and boy did he love it. Here are a couple of quickly taken images as I looked to dodge the rain.

Have a refreshing week.


36 thoughts on “Refreshing Rain

    1. It is actually a ‘woodland walk, but down here are at this time of year there are plenty of vibrant hedgerow flowers – montbretia being a beauty and abundant to. Have a great week, MM πŸ™‚


      1. Here too… last week! Froze our buns off!

        This week we’ve returned to summer with daytime highs of 28-29Β°C and the evenings at about 20-22Β°C! – supposed to be like this all week… We’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts because indeed, Autumn is just around the corner…

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