The Old Devil Returns in Numbers

Well you might call it pretty, a flower, delicate, but to a gardener this really is the devil. Others may know it as convolvulus or bindweed.

The issue is that just a tiny bit of root and it sprouts all over again. Our blackcurrant bushes are plagued with it and short of digging up the bushes we are coming to our wit’s end.

Delicate Heavyweight
Delicate Heavyweight

These specimens are from the Quarry and they make a rather more pleasing sight in there for me, tangling around the brambles of the blackberry.

17 thoughts on “The Old Devil Returns in Numbers

  1. I think I’ve also heard it called Morning Glory in Ireland. I was plagued with it too when I lived in Mayo – it loved my herbaceous border and I spent loads of time trying to dig it up and pull away all those creeping tendrils which were strangling my lovely plants. It even twisted up hollyhocks! You’d think you were digging it out by the root, when ‘snap’ – oops – as long as a mm or 2 is left in the soil, it’ll be back … I feel your pain (probably in the back).


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