All Hail The Sage (Again)

I think I may have been made redundant again.

Having been so busy undertaking an exam (I passed πŸ˜ƒ), setting up two businesses, doing another course, painting the house and, most importantly, walking The Hound, I have not been assisting my fellow (or really Head) gardener The Sage as much as I would have liked. Hence in my absence, The Sage has recruited wisely with the Treasure Hunter and The Apprentice.

Still being the generous and forgiving (I hope) man that he is, we continue to receive bounty from the garden. Even better, having built a polytunnel himself, from scratch, with no help from me at all, we are now also benefitting from The Sage’s endeavours. Not the best of images due to lack of time, but here is a small sample of the bounty…

Image of home grown vegetables
The Bounty

Nothing quite like food fresh from the garden, or to have a supplier like The Sage.

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