Icelandic Horses

The Icelandic Horse is said to be one of the oldest pure breeds in the world, with no cross breeding for over 1,000 years. Once a horse goes outside of Iceland it is not allowed to return, so preserving the pureness of the breed.

It is also claimed that they are the strongest breed, pound per pound and have five gaits instead of the conventional three. ย There are many more interesting ‘facts’ to be found on the Icelandic Horse, the above all coming form the page of Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm.

Well I am not a big horse person, but the breed certainly had the air of being full of character and yet pretty docile – the kind a complete novice like myself could take to. There was even one ย that looked like Limahl of Kajagoogoo fame.

Alas time got the better of us on our recent trip, but should we return we might just have to jump on the back of one of these fine animals.

Have a great weekend one and all, MM

27 thoughts on “Icelandic Horses

    1. Well I had no idea myself….until I went to Iceland. Travel and learn (or is that any excuse to go off travelling to broaden the mind?). I’ll let you make your own mind up Beverly. Have a great day, MM ๐Ÿ€


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