The Sun Voyager

Walking back from the Harpa building along the seafront to our hotel in Reykjavik we would pass the gleaming boat sculpture, prow thrust forth to the ocean. This is “The Sun Voyager”.

On our last day the sun came out to dazzle in the aftermath of another shower. With towers still cloaked by cotton clouds the camera had to come out.

Image of Sun Voyager sculpture
Sun Voyager

I hope you enjoy this iconic image from Reykjavik. To find out more about the Sun Voyager sculpture you can refer to Wikipedia where there is a very interesting write up behind the sculpture and its creator. Not the viking ship everyone assumes!

My only gripe about the sculpture is that it’s backdrop in the other direction is a busy dual carriageway and rather faceless buildings (including the hotel where we stayed). Just have to look out to sea I guess.

12 thoughts on “The Sun Voyager

  1. With a little stretch of the imagination I see the whole town positioned in the ship..a reminder of how early human settlements have come to conquer the land ..
    ..but what I like most is the drama between the natural elements (sky and water) against the human creations of the present (the town in the background ) and the past (the ship)..


    1. Lee-Anne, I can’t have made myself clear – the scape I am talking about is behind me when I took the image, not the curving lines and scene you see before you. Have a great stalker-free day. 😃


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