Thank You Guido

As readers will know, I thought Guido Van Helten‘s murals in Reykjavik were mind blowing.

To continue my run of self-indulgence, I include in this post images of two murals  not depicted in this blog to date.

I read on the internet that the first image in Iceland undertaken by Guido Van Helten was on the gable end of a house, just near the factory where his largest murals were completed. On enquiring whether he could use the wall to paint an image, the current resident went and collected an image of her grandfather “Afi” and it is his image that one can find on the wall now. Fittingly, her Grandfather was said to have built the building. Far from being a myth, on the official Guido website, I note the mural is entitled The GrandFather or “Afi”.

Even better, I note from his website that he undertook a mural in nearby Limerick City as part of this year’s Limerick National Festival of Culture 2014. I feel a trip north is in order.

The sheer scale of all these images continues to amaze me. My other posts on Guido can be found at Art or Graffiti? and Guido Van Helten in Iceland.

A definite fan.


21 thoughts on “Thank You Guido

  1. Very impactful images John. Would love to see the one in limerick too. Perhaps the famous murals in Derry, which are photo-realistic and fill gable walls were an influence on Guido, in which case his work in Limerick completes a circle of sorts.


      1. Might make it to Dublin alright. I’ll wait for you for the limerick one though. By-passed it on the way to Kerry 2 weeks ago, but didn’t stop in the city.


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