Cahirmee Promises

At this year’s Cahirmee Fair I was asked by a number of fair goers to take their picture. I assured them I would post an image on my blog.

It’s about time I kept my promise, so in this gallery I include images where I had been asked to take some photos. For those that asked, thank you for being such willing models.

When I go travelling I like to take images of different people and reflect differing cultures. Β I am not the only one, there will have been many travellers before and there will be many travellers after.

So if someone asks for an image in return for taking their photo and you promise to fulfil that commitment, do it. Otherwise you will be letting not just yourself down, but all those other travellers that come after you. It’s just common decency and respect, something that should be a given.

Happy travels to one and all.



17 thoughts on “Cahirmee Promises

  1. I love how people asked to be photographed! Good for you as that way you don’t have to got through the whole rigmarole of requesting permissions and all that!
    Great shots!


    1. Cheers Dale, it is good to know that you don’t look threatening and they welcome you. On the flip side most of the time we are looking for natural shots, but it sure gives the opportunity for some fine close shots. Have a good weekend, MM πŸ€


  2. People asking for their picture to be taken .. well I’m glad you indulged them MM .
    A few characters there I’ll be bound πŸ™‚


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