Just Another Day

I thought twice about posting today, in part due to time and also wanting a change of material.

Yesterday I rued not having my camera and a nice prime lens to capture the fresh beads of rain lined up in a row on the park bench. All I had was the camera on my phone.

In the evening I did take out the real camera and attached a single zoom lens to take images of The Hound flying around the park. The park was busy with training sessions and I couldn’t let him off the lead, so I Β headed for the quarry. Here two things caught my eye, already ripe blackberries and a group of youths chilling in the falling light. Right camera, wrong lens.

Then the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to make a nice gentle post, showing what a perfect day there was to be enjoyed. Sure the pictures are nothing special, but they do tell a story.

Rain came in the night to leave the air and plants refreshed and dripping with goodness – this summer has been so good here in Cork, Ireland that a bit of rain made a nice refreshing change (can’t believe I am saying this). So what a great fresh morning:

A Refreshing Start
A Refreshing Start

With the drips still hanging, the sun emerged to provide warmth and a sparkle to the day:

Brightening Up
Brightening Up

The combination of rain and sun is perfect for nature the benevolent:

Quarry Offerings
Quarry Offerings

At the end of the day we can reflect and simply share in the joys of life.

JAD (3 of 3)

For those interested, the floodlights seen are those by Cork Constitution’s rugby ground.

22 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. These photos ARE special… you will never take these exact ones again…. really like the black and white raindrops.


  2. Funny how that happens. I, too, officially take walks without the camera but always have my phone. I just can’t help myself to get off a few shots of whatever my eye is enticed to… These are lovely and represent a wonderful day!


  3. Nice picks MM. LIfe is not ruled by the lens we have with us, but by what is seen through the lens… does that sound profound :). Sometimes I feel something is ruined because I don’t have the right lens for my camera to catch a shot… but really I have eyes and as long as I “see” that’s the main thing and just enjoy. Great that you took a moment and appreciated what was before you. πŸ™‚ A lovely post.


    1. Thanks Karen,

      I agree, the most important lens is the eye. Does a scene become anything less just because we don’t take an image? I believe not, though at times it is once to share experiences. Have a great day, MM πŸ˜ƒ


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