Weekly Photo Challenge – Between III

Here is my final entry for the week’s photo challenge ‘Between’, covering more images from the West Cork ditch (between the road and the hedgerow) and a photo entitled ‘Between the Cracks’.

This last photo could almost have been taken anywhere, but is from the dockside in Isafjordur, Iceland,

Needless to say the fuchsia is from West Cork.

Have a great weekend. πŸ€

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Between III

    1. I am so glad you like “between the cracks”. It would be my favourite but The impression I gout was “what on earth are you taking that for?”. Brilliant to know I am not the only one who likes the arrangement. MM πŸ€


    1. Thank you – oh I would pre-book the Blue Lagoon (Reykjavik) and that way you can skip the long queue – just be aware you should be able to go straight up to the door and there is a sign just inside saying voucher holders this way. We were in the queue for a good while before this sign came into view!!


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