The Westfjords of Iceland

In 2010 the Lonely Planet listed the West Fjords region in Iceland in its top 10 places to go in the world. West Fjords is by far the least visited region of Iceland, withΒ only 14 percent of the 750,000 foreign tourists visiting the region*.

The reason is quite simple, the main tourist route does a circuit of the main island, but does not include this peninsular which sits at the top north west of Iceland, standing out like a cockerel’s comb. The perfect place to get away from it all and just take in the scenery.

West Fjords in June
West Fjords in June

Of course part of my objective with this post is to make the Scot in Norway drool as he looks forward to his own trip to Iceland.

For those interested this image was taken just outside Flateyri on the Onundarfjordur.


* Iceland Review Online

43 thoughts on “The Westfjords of Iceland

  1. This is fantastic! I love the composition with the lovely purple lupins in the foreground. Such a great contrast with the fjord and the mountains. πŸ™‚


      1. There are opportunities not too far, but still I would need to drive for a few hours I guess. And of course further north there are more places that would resemble places in Iceland.


  2. Fabulous MM … ❀ your description !
    Prolific Lupins … glorious .. and to think I have such trouble with them Lol


  3. Absolutely stunning! I’m planning a Circumnavigation of Iceland tour as I write this (really!). Your pictures have affirmed my desire to visit there. Hope you are well, MM…


    1. Brilliant, if you have time a so recommend staying a night on Flatey. Good luck with all the planning, we decided to do just a small bit than to the tour of the Island of Iceland. πŸ’š


  4. A glacial carved landscape always makes for a dramatic and interesting backdrop. Love the gorgeous purple pop at the bottom. Were there loads of mosquitoes? Or was it a place to stay and take in the view? Gorgeous!


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