The Four Faced Liar

In my post entitled Clock Teeth, I noted gratitude and frustration that agreement had been reached on the repair for the Four Faced Liar Clock on the Shandon Tower. So “What is all the fuss?”, you may ask. The mechanism reminds me of the early computers designed by the likes of Charles Babbage, but is fascinating to watch.

One can spend ages watching all the different cogs turn, the teeth grind together, all to turn the hands on four faces on the outside of the tower. Magic!

Hopefully the following images  below bring some of the magic to you all around the world. If not, you will just have to come over and see for yourselves. 😃

Have a great time out there……..

12 thoughts on “The Four Faced Liar

  1. Beautiful images of an engineering marvel! I can see why you liken it to early computers. They were truly incredible! My partner is a software developer and loves the history of computing. We keep saying that we’ll visit Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing. It would be great to see Colossus!


    1. At school we used teletype machines and ticker tape to then feed into the teletype reader to the computer. And we couldn’t even type. The speed of change is remarkable, but what some of the pioneers did was truly amazing…Thanks for your comments Sarah, great to see your name popping up again, MM 😃


      1. The speed of change is extraordinary but also how fast we adapt and become dependant! I got to use a BBC computer at school in about 1985. After that I didn’t have any more computer input at school or college and had to wait more than a decade before we finally got a home PC!


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