Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

A twist, a twirl all played out in the light coming through the window with her pretty dress on.

Twirling in the Light
Twirling in the Light

I had real trouble picking out a single image to show from this selection, but settled on this one. Hope you like it too, the Apprentice is growing up fast.

The weekly photo challenge is ‘twist‘. ย For me a couple of things spring to mind:

  • A corkcsrew
  • Style – I like items to be ย relatively simple, but with a twist
  • Dancing – “you do the twist and you do it like this…..”

Who knows what other images I might find to match this theme.


33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

  1. What a wonderful image!! You’ve captured a magic moment…
    Oh, I love it… And I agree with sixdegreesphotography – a real beauty.


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