Essential Equipment

Well, that’s what Mrs Doyle would tell you anyway, but a good old cuppa tea can put anything right here in Ireland. This kettle is not a museum piece but is used night and day in an elderly relative’s place, heated by the solid stove below.

The Kettle
The Kettle

Such traditional images are fast disappearing, speeded up by the Celtic Tiger. Currently reality bites.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your cup of Barry’s, I mean tea.

38 thoughts on “Essential Equipment

  1. Ah go on, go on!
    Maybe it’s making a come back. R and I are currently looking out for a kettle to keep on our woodstove. A unique and modern design – he is an architect, after all. It may take us a while to find the right one…


  2. Reminds me of one of my Aunt’s kitchen where she cooked everything on an old wood burning stove and kept a pot on top to boil water. It definitely is an essential thing to have in one’s home.


  3. I think I am one of a very few who did not own a kettle until about 3 years ago. (I’m 35 now) If I ever needed boiled water, I would always boil it in a pot on the stove (not very often)

    Love the picture, reminds me of old times…


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