Clock Teeth

I thought I would start the week off with a good bit of news – agreement has been reached for the funding of repairs to arguably the best known clock in Cork, the Four Faced Liar.

How it took pretty much six months to resolve a reported โ‚ฌ40,000 bill, when millions can be wasted on underpasses that get filled in, tribunals that seem to provide little change, ย major junction improvements that prevent the flow of traffic and billions can be ploughed into unscrupulous banks is pretty much beyond me. Still, I guess we got there in the end.

The four faced liar sits on the tower of St. Anne’s Church in Shandon and allegedly got its name from local wits who noticed that the four faces didn’t all agree on the time of day. The tower is often just called ‘Shandon Tower’ and not only can you see the mechanisms of the old clock, but gain a view over the City of Cork, ring the famed Shandon Bells and visit one of the oldest churches in Cork.

Here is a shot showing off some of the detail of the clock’s working.

Clock Teeth
Clock Teeth

For more about this landmark, just click on Shandon Bells.

I will be posting more from this Cork landmark in the coming weeks.

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25 thoughts on “Clock Teeth

  1. Wonderful!

    Ps When I click on “For more about this landmark, just click on Shandon Bells” says “Oops! That page canโ€™t be found.”


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