Fern Frenzy at Dooney Rock

In Dooney Wood lies Dooney Rock, a place made famous by W.B. Yeats on the edge of Lough Gill in County Sligo. The small Dooney Rock Forest Park is a short drive from Sligo Town and well worth a relaxing stroll along the Lough and then up to the top of Dooney Rock.

Before getting any where near the lough, I was distracted by some ferns releasing their arms, stretching their coils as they came alive in the mild spring air. Hope this fern frenzy provides a good start to your week.

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For those interested in the poem of W.B. Yeats that brought fame to this place, check out the link The Fiddler of Dooney.

33 thoughts on “Fern Frenzy at Dooney Rock

    1. Thank you so much for the comment and it looks like you are following me too. Could have sworn you were already on my tail. Obviously brilliant to have you on board. MM


  1. I can’t remember visiting Lough Gill, now it’s another spot on my list. Great photo’s. I always think Ferns are such mysterious shy plants who duck and hide in the middle of the dark depths of forests.

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