Blarney Exit

Well by this stage I had come across signs for the river walk and wooded walk, but a quick glance at the watch told me I needed to find my way out. How did the time pass by so quickly?  There was still plenty to explore and report back on, but turn and head I had to.

Back towards the castle, passing by the ice house and caves, before walking below the castle walls towering above. I love the castle window that can be seen on this wall, high above the river; it really is one straight from a fairytale where the princess is waiting to be rescued by her prince charming. Look to the left of the main window and the next window appears to have a shutter made of stone. I found it fascinating anyway.

A look back at the castle, a walk by the blossom and it was through the exit gate.

Most definitely, Blarney Castle and Grounds is very much more than just a castle. Overall I was impressed and look forward to returning in another season and to explore the grounds further. You never know, I might even spy a red squirrel.

18 thoughts on “Blarney Exit

    1. Overall I think you do get value for money, but you have to understand it is more than a castle and make a day of it. Also if you go after 1st June in the summer you can go into the house as well (not sure if there is an extra charge). Glad you liked it. MM 🍀


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