April Photo of the Month – Results

Well, as you might have guessed by now, my run-away favourite failed to win the monthly photo vote, with ‘Sligo Fog Tree’ being voted the winner:

Sligo Fog Tree
Sligo Fog Tree

For me, when I see this image I think of what might have been, so am a little disappointed with the outcome. With good weather forecast, I was hoping for nice warm orange tones from the dawn sun behind the tree and then capturing it from the opposite side the glow should have reflected off the wall and tree. Alas, the fog formed a curtain impossible to penetrate and I felt that my early start had not been worth it.

In second place was the image that really took my fancy, ‘Donegal Boat’:

Donegal Boat
Donegal Boat

Third place went to ‘Tamil Nadu Transport’:

Tamil Nadu Transport
Tamil Nadu Transport

The other images that I voted for were “OldGear’ and ‘White Blossom’. neither of which troubled the leading bunch. Thanks to all who voted and have a great week. MM πŸ€

24 thoughts on “April Photo of the Month – Results

    1. I will post an iPhone captured image of this tree taken the night before which to my mind is better – the light is what matters more than the camera so much of the time. 😐


      1. It was a tricky one – I was perplexed at first and felt it was the wrong decision. However, the etas were showing a deterioration over the calendar year and I guess it was wait and keep faith or sack. I think Clarke should have been given more time too, but at least we remain in the money bags league.


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