More Blarney

So having completed the lake walk and come back in the direction of the House, I took the path signposted to the Fern Garden. Personally I love ferns, particularly when you can see them as tight coils about to spring.

This feature of the Blarney Gardens seemed quite new to me and it was almost as if it was yet to fully bed down, notably the large non-native ferns. Of course there was always plenty of bracken and moss and my timing was such that the coils were there. I Β liked that there were plenty of small winding paths through this wooded area, making it much less of a formal area.


This area was Β a great contrast to the main gardens around the Castle and had a real ‘explorer’ feel about it. While it still seemed Β a bit new, I have to applaud what they are doing here.


41 thoughts on “More Blarney

      1. Sorry, I see that they are tree ferns- similar to cycads and leftovers from the Cretaceous!!. Dinosaurs munched them! .They are quite wonderful and unreal looking. – Next time I’m in Ireland ( maybe this summer) this is on my list!! The Dune Mouse (gardener.)


      2. To me they look like they have been imported from somewhere like New Zealand and still sen to be somewhat fresh and yet to bed down properly. There were no signs up from what I recall. Thank you for your input Dune Mouse Gardener, MM


  1. So enchanting. I love the closeups of the sprouting ferns and the trail shot is beautiful too. What a place, looks like fairies could dance around your head.


  2. So lovely… the ferns are springing up here as well and I took few shots of mine! Guess it’s “Fern Time”!


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