Blarney Blooms and Castle

While my previous posts have been largely avoiding the Castle itself, I thought I should throw in a few more images of the castle to prove I didn’t just happen to be wandering in a nearby garden centre. Of course I should underline that the Β square medieval castle isn’t the only old building around. On one flank sits a couple of round towers, while the stables behind act as tea rooms.

If you look carefully at Castle Perspective you will see figures at the castle top, providing scale to the dimensions. All of the flowers were in the garden leading to the castle using the wheelchair walkway.

Of course this is just a small selection of the flora to be found. There will be more to come this week, including the Lake, Blarney House, more of the gardens and a bit of fauna.

40 thoughts on “Blarney Blooms and Castle

  1. Great photos!! I’m a sucker for the castle shots – ‘castle perspective’ and ‘towers to the sky’. But all photos are gorgeous, ‘pink heart’ seems like it could be blown up as art, or sold to make a glossy hallmark thinking of you type card. Great work, keep it up MM!!


  2. Yes, the beauty of Blarney does get overshadowed by the stone thing – so thank you for putting it first!
    I’ve looked at Leanne Cole’s site before – she is a wonderful photographer too!


  3. Just love the castle shots, especially the one looking up into the roofless tower. I’ve taken many of the same from my 2 trips to Wales. Gray stone + MM’s flowers = happiness.


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