Moving on from the Castle

On first entering the grounds the trail leads to Blarney Castle and the opportunity to kiss the Blarney Stone, but let us move on now beyond the castle. Taking a last look behind us, up at the fortified walls we can view the visitors on the top ramparts as we now pass the old stables on towards Blarney House.

I know, everyone talks about the Castle but there is also a great baronial house here as well, something that to my shame I have only just discovered. Well, everyone does go on about the Castle and having to kiss the Blarney Stone it is so easy to overlook much of this place.

Before reaching Blarney House we pass through smooth, bright green lawns with an assortment of parkland trees, many of which have daffodils growing around their trunks. The daffodils were by this stage largely over, but this did not stop them brightening up the scene considerably. Not quite as brazen, but delicately beautiful were the primroses hiding in the longer grass.

I am told that one can spot red squirrels here, but I will have to return if I am to verify this personally.Β Here are some photos of the scene as I made my way towards Blarney House.

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Blarney House will follow tomorrow.

I will also take this opportunity to advise you that these images are all protected by copyright.



27 thoughts on “Moving on from the Castle

    1. Rajiv, that is not good to hear, thanks for letting me know. I have just gone in myself but not found an issue and I also note from a subsequent blogger’s comments that they also have no problems viewing the images. It might be a problem your end, but try viewing again and let me know how you get on. Cheers, MM πŸ€


  1. It’s wonderful to have a look through your magic lenses, John! I hope to see this place on my next visit. Best wishes from Norway, Dina


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