Introductions – Meticulous Mick

Leanne Cole from down under has been an absolute gem and decided that my blog was worth a mention on her own photography site. While her blog largely features her own work and ideas, she does a regular feature on other photographic artists that she likes. This time the spotlight was on my humble blog. I know, can you believe it? Well here is her post on yours truly.
Thanks Leanne, MM πŸ€

28 thoughts on “Introductions – Meticulous Mick

  1. MM – Congratulations for being featured on her blog! Much deserved. You are such a gifted photographer and I am learning what makes a well-composed picture by viewing yours. I so enjoy your blog.


  2. Congratulations John! Very well deserved recognition for someone with so much talent. Sometimes we see pictures and read stories that mean nothing, on the other hand your photos are always accompanied by the rght words and tell us wonderful stories …
    Even though I do not visit every day the WordPress page, when I do it I am thinking what the Meticulousmick blog is going to surprise me today… I really enjoy visiting your blog!!! Thank you very much! Sil πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. Congratulations and well-deserved. Just don’t forget those of us who loved you even before your world-wide fame… [P.S. Love that leaf covered with frost; it speaks to me. Are there others that go along with it?]


    1. That was the only one that day, it was simply a leaf on a car windscreen! When I saw it I went back inside for the camera. Don’y know why it shouted at me, but it did. πŸ˜ƒ


    1. Thank you Mark, if you dpi not know Leanne you might like to see some of her posts. Recently she asked advice on a new computer and the debate was quite good. She does put up some really useful stuff as well as her own photos. MM πŸ€


  4. Exquisitely beautiful images, well done, MM. πŸ™‚

    I like old, abandoned houses in the countryside but here in Australia, they look very different from your adorably quaint cottage. My liking of derelict buildings is such that I’ll stop the car on a trip and snap a pic of a rusty shed in the middle of nowhere…the family think I’m mad!


    1. I tend to try and do it more when I am by myself or just with the pooch as one quick snap is almost never enough. I want to poke my nose inside, get a feel for the place and walk around before taking the camera out…..Guess we are both mad, but you’re probably just a bit worse πŸ˜‰ MM πŸ€


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