Fog, Tree, Sligo

In order to break the journey up to Donegal, we spent a night just outside Sligo near Lough Gill. After the long drive and dinner a walk was called for so we headed off for a nearby ruin. It was then that the rain turned from mist to proper rain, but on we went anyway.

Near the track stood a tree and the remnants of a wall, silhouetted against the grey evening sky. The forecast for the next morning was good, so the alarm was set early to capture the sunrise. Alas, I went in search of the tree only for all to be shrouded in a heavy fog.

Having gotten up so early I had to take an image, even though my thoughts were more on what might have been. Oh what a blessed tree.

Twisted Limbs
Twisted Limbs

After a bit of Yeats’ country it was off to County Donegal.

31 thoughts on “Fog, Tree, Sligo

    1. Particularly a gorgeous orange / red rising sun – don’t get me started. I was thinking it would look being taken from both sides – one with the rising sun behind and then going the other side of the wall to get the warm new light on the stone wall in particular. Another time……😟


      1. You are right ! I’ve been keeping an eye on an old Oak nearby … and I think I’ve missed my chance … but then again .. maybe I could do a series πŸ˜‰


  1. Love this photograph, the shape of the tree is so beautiful and the mood is gorgeous. I appreciate your work so much, I am just familiar with your images from Leanne Cole’s feature post. Looking forward to following you and your beautiful work.


    1. Carrie, thank you so much for the comment (and the follow). I will get back to you and pay a visit to your site, but just a bit swamped right now due to Leanne Cole’s kind words. Look forward to seeing your own blog in a wee while, MM πŸ€


  2. Gorgeous!!! I love foggy pictures and I love fog (even if my hair doesn’t lol). This is just a stunning image and I love the feeling I get from it. One of solitude and quiet.


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