Blarney Castle Discovery

My post yesterday was headed ‘More than just a Castle and Kisses?‘ as I made my way to Blarney Castle and grounds in the springtime. This post is the second in a series where I look to see what else the attraction might offer visitors.

Having passed the tree burdened with blossom at the entrance, the path leads the visitor by beds of daffodils along the river to a footbridge. Here through the trees, one gets one’s first view of the famed castle where upon high sits the Blarney Stone.

The sharp eyed younger visitor might also spot the wooden playground to the left to let off steam. However, my guess is that the lure of the castle is most likely to draw the younger visitors, as imaginations run riot with thoughts of dragons, dungeons, princesses and many a fabled creature.

Still if you do head to the playground, which was entirely unused when I was there, there is a wonderful weeping willow nearby, letting its trails fall gently down to the water.

Tomorrow the excursion continues as I make my way towards the castle using the longer walkway.

18 thoughts on “Blarney Castle Discovery

  1. I love Blarney castle and a photo of my daughter taken there, in the middle of a forest of daffodils, is one of my favourite pictures ever.


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