More than just a Castle and Kisses?

On Friday 11th April, I paid a visit to Blarney Castle. This was the first time that I had been to this famous spot and not had visitors in tow. Of course the priority for such foreign visitors is naturally to see the Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone. As legend goes, those that kiss the Blarney Stone will be given the gift of the gab.

Now why my friends think they still need to kiss the Blarney Stone is beyond me, but I took it upon myself to see what else one might see in visiting the famed castle and grounds. ย So armed with a camera off I went.

In going through the turnstiles I was confronted by a neat information board, but this failed to compete with the blinding white distraction of a tree in full blossom. Immediately those entering the grounds went straight to the tree, smelling the blossom and becoming taken in by a tree so laden with flowers.

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In Spring at least, it is fair to say that a visitor to Blarney ย Castle and Grounds will be enchanted before the castle comes into sight. Stay tuned to see more of this attraction and how I got on (I may just slip in a photo or two of the castle as well).

23 thoughts on “More than just a Castle and Kisses?

  1. Got to love the white on white blossom MM …. love it when it scatters around in the wind …
    What a change to be able to say it was a nice Easter weekend !


      1. Rain, overcast and one day, blowing a gale, MM. Probably one of the most dismal Easters for a while.

        Yesterday and today, (just got up), look lovely. I just can’t get over the distinct lack of Autumn colour. Sure there’s a few Autumn leaves, but almost none in the Botanic Gardens.


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