UCC on a Dull Day

University College Cork (UCC) started off life as one of the three new Queen’s Universities in 1845 under the name of Queen’s College Cork, the others being Galway and Belfast. It’s most well known area is the old quadrangle but more recent modern buildings have been blended into its landscaped grounds.

Unfortunately when I was there last Wednesday it was a rather dull day and so I confined myself to the quadrangle. Hopefully I will return soon in better weather to feature both the new and the old.

Given the conditions I think I like ‘The President’s Door’ Β and ‘Mixed Reflections’. On ‘Mixed Reflections’ I was trying to work it all out and I was actually there – so if you can work it out I can confirm you are a genius.

Enjoy your week, MM πŸ€


17 thoughts on “UCC on a Dull Day

  1. The president’s door was my favorite. I like looking at detailed parts of architecture. What a spectacular building though–even on a gray day! By the way that’s the way the weather looks here today. but, as “they” say. April showers bring May flowers!


    1. That’s the image that I thought would work best given conditions. I had to get at such an angle so that the vine obviously came away from the wall as well. Breathed a bit more life into the scene. MM πŸ€


  2. I like the door photo very much. And wow, that weather looks the same gray like in Belgium. I personally don’t like shooting in this kind of weather, it makes everything look dull and faded. But I have to say that the castle and this cloudy weather make a nice combination: mysterious and spooky in the same time, I can almost see the ghost of the past looking from the windows πŸ˜€


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