WPC – Monuments

This weeks photo challenge is monuments and for my first entry I thought we should head over to Portugal where my all time favourite monument lies – O Monumento dos Descobrimentos. Alas I have not found the image I was looking for, so for now you will have to make do with images of Rossio in Lisboa and the roman Diana Temple (O Templo de Diana) in Evora.

The Diana Temple is a monument to when the romans ruled over much of Europe, is from the second century AD and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Evora can be found in the Alentejo region of Portugal, an area that I love for its wine, beautiful villages, festivals and rolling landscapes.

Monument to Diana
Monument to Diana

Behind the temple you can see a classic Alentejo colour combination of yellow and white (another being blue and white).

From the charm of Evora we move back to the city of Lisboa to drop in on the square of Rossio to capture a monument in the heart of the capital.

The Pigeon Fancier?
The Pigeon Fancier?


Rossio Fountain and Statue
Rossio Fountain and Statue

The statue behind the fountain is dedicated to King Dom Pedro IV, while the image of the ‘pigeon fancier’ is taken at the  base of the monument’s column. Each of these four corner images are meant to represent Justice, Wisdom, Strength and Moderation. I have to confess I am not  sure which one of these the pigeon fancier is meant to be – wisdom possibly?


Well I better try and find an image of my favourite monument of all time, best keep digging….

8 thoughts on “WPC – Monuments

    1. A wondrous place. I loved the fountain in the main square where as the day changed the people who met there gradually changed. Older women in the morning, business types at lunchtime, men off the fields in the afternoon and then the young in the evening and night. They all congregated by the fountain. 👍


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