Blackrock Castle, Cork

When I first moved to Cork from Dublin, Blackrock Castle was a ruin with a stone tower jutting out into the last lengths of the River Lee  surrounded by warning signs, scaffolding, fencing and a fair bit of rubbish. Today it stands restored, proud and home to an observatory (part of University College Cork)  and an excellent cafe / restaurant.

From here a walkway then leads on around the estuary edge, a popular haunt for family walks and joggers of all descriptions. It is great to see how this area has been developed to make the most of its surroundings.

Here are some images of Blackrock Castle late in the evening, largely taken in the hour of blue light, just before it goes truly dark.

While the observatory is run by UCC, it has plenty going on and is not strictly the preserve of college students, as can be found at Blackrock Castle Observatory. Those who are partial to their food, coffees or something stronger may want to check out Castle Cafe.

23 thoughts on “Blackrock Castle, Cork

  1. These night shots are incredible – just love ’em! Have you ever thought of offering photography courses for bloggers? Your blog is your credential. 🙂


      1. Was moving toward a final signing and then it fell apart.
        Such a disappointment, MM. All very complicated at the moment…but continue to be encouraged…and continue to pack. Coming to UK at end of month to celebrate birthdays with friends. Looking forward to the London party and then a solo week on the
        E. Sussex coast…to do what you are doing…weigh options. Appreciate your kind words and thoughts. RR


  2. I like “Gateway to the Tower” very much.
    Very nice images!

    OT: I’ve actually found a place in the far north of Ireland called Malin (and also Malin Head).


      1. Oh, nice that you have been close there. 🙂

        What do you mean with “malign”? 🙂 I guess you mean Malin 😉 Have a great week you too, John/MM.


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