First of the Tulips

Spring is definitely here, the daffodil’s are on the wane and the tulips are coming forth. To cheer everyone up here is my first tulip of the year, coming out to bloom.

First of the Tulips
First of the Tulips

Now as part of a macro exercise I had to put the camera on ‘macro’ mode. All very well and good, but it takes away from one the choice of depth of field, something I think could be improved on the image. The moral of the story is go Priority or Manual mode for me.

37 thoughts on “First of the Tulips

  1. I kind of like the way the beautiful yellow pops and the background is blurred (makes it seem 3-D)… but that’s just me…


      1. I will concede to the drop issue, that being said, yes, you are being picky but that’s what perfectionists do, and that’s what makes them get better and better and well, blow us away!


      2. Then I have succeeded for today! My mission is to make at least one person smile per day! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. It’s a wonderful tulip, John. I love tulips, such colourful happymakers, especially on a rainy Sunday like this.
    Warm regards from Norfolk, Dina


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