Reflections Poll – Results

Well, the week has flown past and I am delighted to announce that the image that topped the poll was ‘Golden Morning’, an image taken near Macroom in County Cork.

At the bottom of this post I include the original before I got my scissors out to produce the winning shot:

Golden Morning
Golden Morning

The photo that just held onto second place was taken that same morning back in 2004, ‘Reflections at Dawn’:

Reflections at Dawn
Reflections at Dawn

And in third place lay the happy fishermen of Kerala, India:

Catch of the Day
Catch of the Day

Getting back to Golden Morning, I thought I would let you see the original image and the cropped version side by side.

I thought the uncut version was a bit messy and crowded, hence the cropped version (which I wash’t entirely happy with). That’s me, but what do you think:

Have a good week.

12 thoughts on “Reflections Poll – Results

  1. I think the uncut version makes me feel as if I’m peeking in a secret lake of some sort, but the uncut version definitely makes for an uncluttered image. Love all of the photographs, but I think the third shot is my favourite, that endless stretch of water is beautiful.


  2. Just catching up….you seem to have had a wonderfully busy and interesting week. The crop certainly sits well with me. The melodious colours and aerial perspective combined with the interesting lead in provided by the rocks and stumps make for a warm and atmospheric image…….but it’s easy when I’m on safe ground as it’s already voted the winner….


  3. You are so funny! They are really both quite beautiful and I will concede the cropped one may work just a tad better…happy?


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