Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Photography II

This morning (Wednesday) I headed into Cork City for an appointment with the dentist, rain was falling steadily, puddles lay on the ground and I discovered my shoes were porous.

Sounds like a nightmare morning, but you’d be wrong to come to that conclusion. The dentist was just a check up and a Β clean bill of health was provided, the shoes were on my list to replace anyway and the rain and puddles simply meant that there would be reflections and umbrellas to add to the street scene.

I was trying to get a sufficiently slow shutter speed to get blurred motion, but not excessive. I also felt that black and white worked best for most of these scenes, with too many colours in the damp weather proving a distraction.

So here are the images from my damp hours in Cork City this morning (click on an image to enlarge):

For many of these shots I have to say I prefer using the backs of people rather than their faces; by giving less one almost seems to add more to the image. Undertaking these images on St. Patrick’s Street has also made me take in the facades of the buildings above shop level.

Be interesting to know what you think of the B&W vs Colour debate for these images; the two images on the right being identical with one being converted to B&W.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Photography II

  1. I am torn between black and white and colour! Each have their merits. What’s really fun is when you have the illusion of black and white but there is one item with a pop of colour, which definitely can happen on a dark and dreary day.


  2. Awesome photos! Even the colored one looks like it just has splashes of color which I personally love.


  3. Personally, rainy weathers are my favorite. Colored pictures are my favorite, rain washes the pavements and walls, it helps reflecting the beauty of the city especially if it’s an old historical city.


  4. I like your attitude Mick, and those broad sidewalks are delightful, I wish American designers gave more thought to that. And I’ll present a minority opinion favoring color. Whenever I look at black and white images, especially old ones, I always try to envision how that particular slice of time and place really looked to human eyes.


  5. A worthwhile trip to the dentist MM. Always prefer b&w for street scenes, much more dramatic. Maybe its how we remember things too – to much detail for the brain to process without adding colour as well – of course, that could just be my brain πŸ™‚
    Always nice to see Cork, very fond of it.


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